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December 2014 QUOTE OF THE MONTH: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” - Native American Proverb

Listed below:  Grand Prize; Photography 1st, 2nd and honorable mentions; Poetry 1st, 2nd and honorable mentions; Art 1st, 2nd and honorable mentions; Writings 1st, 2nd and honorable mentions; Special Recognitions for Outstanding Contributions; Judges biographies; Green News Info; Visuals & Voices 2011;  Join Us! 

Please note: All judges’ comments are in italics.


Grand Prize

Lethal Birdbath

by Rhianna Hixon, School of the Arts, San Francisco

This is a simply outstanding illustration.  It is an exquisite drawing. The Escher-like morphing of the cormorant into the gas nozzle is beautifully done, and the timely nature of the ecological message, given the current catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, couldn’t be more on target.




High School


First Place

It’s Amazing What You Can Capture in a Moment

by Toni Howard-Haught, Pinole Valley HS

Hummingbird - visually inspiring, difficult to photograph, technically excellent 


Second Place

Simple Beauty (2nd Photo)

by Caroline Martignetti, Palo Alto HS

Escher-like leaves - visually inspiring, creative composition, technically excellent


Honorable Mention


by Kim Bowen, Skyline HS, Oakland

Crocodile - visually powerful, creative composition, technically excellent


Stuck in a Smog

by Abigail Scott, Berkeley HS

Chinese fisherman - visually powerful, creative composition, technically excellent


Animals of the Earth (3rd Photo)

by Carmen Antaky, Skyline HS, Oakland

Butterfly - visually beautiful, difficult to photograph, technically excellent


Sulphur Creek

by  Amanda Huynh, San Lorenzo HS

Urban watershed - visually powerful, creative composition, technically excellent


Nature’s Blissful Serenity

by Dylan Greengard, Pinole Valley HS

Valley Oak -  visually inspiring, creative composition, technically excellent




Middle School


First Place

In Between Hops

By Alex Gannett, Joaquin Moraga MS

Visually interesting, difficult to photography, technically excellent


Second Place

Grandpa’s Orchid

by Elysa Campo, Joaquin Moraga MS

Visually beautiful, creative composition, technically excellent


Honorable Mentions


Nature’s Awakening

by Adrianna Ivanoff, Joaquin Moraga MS


At the Conservatory of Flowers

by Nadia Aquil, Joaquin Moraga MS


Mount Tam Tranquility

by Zack Watson, Joaquin Moraga MS


White Spring

by Kevin Hoffinger, Joaquin Moraga MS





High School


First Place

Reeling Destruction

by Kelly How, St. Ignatius College Prep, San Francisco

Kelly makes a great case for the heavy impact of nearly weightless trinkets, and lodges the responsibility for the destruction of the planet “in our own back yard.”


Second Place


by Angelina Li, Oakland High School

Angelina set up a nice pattern of contrasts in each stanza, and uses varied active verbs to keep the reader’s interest.


Honorable Mentions


Pocketful of Treasures

by Emily Goo, St. Ignatius College Prep, San Francisco

A lot of wonderful ocean and beach images reminding of us of the beauty of that environment.



by Sasha Grace, Tomales High School

A strong identification with a particular week, and ending on a positive “wish.”  I “wish” you had titled it Dandelion, Sash, because you would have the advantage of the musicality of the word, and also of the instant picture the reader would have in his/her head.  But it shows your poetic skills nonetheless.


Our Place

by Arianna Hayes, Alhambra HS, Martinez

Arianna shows the reality of self-destructive teen life on efforts to enjoy nature; an interesting juxtaposition based in real experience.


Trees (part 2)

by Ana Patito, Oakland HS

Ana cleverly ends her tree poem with a pun on “leave”, suddenly bringing lots of different meanings to what seems a rather straight-forward nature poem.


Nature’s Rhythm

by Roslyn Pontius, St. Ignatius College Prep, San Francisco

Roselyn puts the reader right in the waves.


Honorable Mentions – Middle School


Fall Poem

by Nikki Ahazie, Joaquin Moraga MS


Within the Wide Ocean

by Jeremy Yan, Joaquin Moraga MS


Together and Apart, Eternally

by Michelle Pang, Joaquin Moraga MS


Summer is Coming

by Nikki Kyllonen, Orinda Intermediate School




High School


First Place

Rhino Shell

by Jasmin Soltani, Lowell HS, San Francisco

This transparent Rhino is whimsical, accurate, and very skillfully created.  I like the concept of “Rhino Shell” – our endangered creatures on earth becoming more and more “transparent” as they are hunted to extinction or as their habitat disappears.


Second Place

What Comes Around Goes Around

by Frances Harangozo, School of the Arts, San Francisco

A very clever concept, and a truly superb drawing.  A sly reminder that we are all made largely of water, and that we all need water to survive on this planet.  Echoes of Escher but a very original creation.


Honorable Mentions



by Tina Curiel, Campolindo HS, Moraga

A fascinating collage of newsprint, photos and paint.  The rhino (another rhino) is beautifully rendered, and seems to be walking right out of the page toward us.



by Ashley Chanthongthip, Novato HS


This computer montage struck me as outstanding because of the good composition, the dramatic positioning of the elements, and the care that was taken to make all of the images appear to have been “painted” together by the same digital brush.



by Tyler Lang, Novato HS

Almost Warhol-esque, but in a distinct graphic style of its own.  I admire the very bold use of color and shape, and the simple but strong ecological message.


Atmospheric Light

by Veronica Thieu, St. Ignatius College Prep, San Francisco

This painting is simply a spectacular landscape.  The beauty of the loose brush brushwork and the use of gorgeous color makes it a real standout.


Channel EARTH

by Amanda Huynh, San Lorenzo HS

The message of dramatic climate change is captured in this simple, whimsical cartoon of “Earth as Newscaster” predicting an extreme three-day forecat.  The drawings are charming and fun, and at the same time clearly picture the serious nature of the threat of climate change




Middle School


First Place


by Megan Zhu, Joaquin Moraga MS

Lovely Autumn color reflected in a body of water.  Excellent loose brushwork, and good use of color to define the shapes of the trees


Second Place

Exotic Waterfall

by Ariel Song, Joaquin Moraga MS

A computer-generated illustration with a lot of magic – great color, and an evocative scene.


Honorable Mentions



by Ashley Bernardo, Joaquin Moraga MS

A very decorative, almost wallpaper-like rendering of hummingbirds flitting among flowers.  The birds are drawn from different angles of flight in soft colors agains a neutral mid tone ground, adding to the tapestry-like quality.






First Place

The Pacific Steel Company, Berkeley’s Own Industrial Giant

by Anna Fitzgerald Guth, Berkeley HS

Very well researched and written – balanced and factual.


Second Place

On the Other Hand with Jessie – This Month “Greenwashing”

by Jessie Kathan, Campolindo HS, Moraga

Another good article from Jessie.  In all three of her articles I learn something and it stays with me.  I’ve wondered about that “clean coal” nonsense.


Honorable Mentions


Gift Wrapping – The Green Way

by Aiman Arif, California Virtual Academy, Fremont

Not only eco-friendly and fun, but well-written and great art.


What If? – An Original Performance Piece

by Jonathon Trinh, Skyline HS, Oakland

What fun to read an original play by a high school student and what fun the play is as well!


Radiation Danger May Lurk in Cell Phones

by Savanna Lawrence, Hercules HS

Important information for cell phone users.


Student in Marin County Brings Solar Panels to His School

by Alissa Gill, Berkeley HS

Informative and also encourages Berkeley students to attempt a difficult project.


Fifth Annual Teens Turning Green Summit in San Rafael

by Sally Castillo, Berkeley HS

As well as informative and well-written, it gives teens ideas of things they can do.






 Special Recognitions for Key Contributions to the Green News

Chosen by Green News Coordinators


Annual Green News Anthology

Created by Tanya Castro, Media Academy, Fremont HS, Oakland

Tanya has spent much of the 2010 school year in her Magazine Class designing the Anthology that covers the best of 2009.  What an incredible job!   Take a look and  you’ll want to order your own copy.  Printing date – June, 2010.


Debate Team – Pro and Con

Written by Kim and Jack Mejia, Media Academy, Fremont HS, Oakland (link to latest Debate on website)

Kim and Jack have taken on challenging subjects, write clearly, are always on time and contribute monthly an important feature to the Green News.  Read them and be impressed.  They’d love to hear your comments.


Dr. Green’s Blog

By Tala Beigi, Intern, Diablo Valley College

Tala began with EarthTeam as a high school student and continued writing Dr. Green’s blog while attending DVC.  Are we lucky!  If you’ve read Dr. Green you know how in-depth her writings have been - often with photos to highlight the subjects.  Tala will be leaving us at the end of the summer and we’re looking for a new Dr. Green changing it to Ask Dr. Green.


Richmond HS Journalism Class Representative

Olachi Obioma, Richmond HS

Olachi has represented her journalism class by writing one article a month usually related to her after school restoration focused club, Tree Huggers (students’ club name for the year), which is also an EarthTeam project.  Thank you Olachi for your writings that helped us all know a little more about you and about the Tree Huggers.



Pinole Valley HS Environmental Academy Representative

Amy Pineda, Pinole Valley HS

Consider yourself lucky if you get to work with Amy.  She is enthusiastic and affirming.  Amy coordinated the Public Relations Committee for the Academy – a true learning experience.  Thank you, Amy.


Beautiful Photographs Submitted Monthly

Adam O’Camb, Miramonte HS, Orinda

Adam is one of the unsung contributors to the Green News.  Adam submits absolutely beautiful photographs every month.  We look so forward to seeing the next one.  Check out Yosemite (11-09) and scan for the others.  You’ll be amazed.






Photography—Reginald H. Barrett

 is professor of Wildlife Biology and Management

 in the College of Natural Resources at U.C. Berkeley. His research has included work on fishers, coyotes, pumas, wolverines, deer, elk, wild pigs, and wild turkeys. For years he has conducted annual nature photography contests for Cal students.


Poetry—Judith Offer

has two daughters, and has written four books of poetry

 and dozens of plays. She has read her poetry at scores of poetry venues, and is particularly delighted to have been included in the Library of Congress series and on “All Things Considered”, on NPR.  More detailed information is available at


Art—Lisa Haderlie Baker

worked for over 30 years as an illustrator, graphic designer,

 and art director for the Lawrence Hall of Science at U.C. Berkeley.  Now retired, she continues to do illustration and graphic design, and she is an exhibited landscape painter.  Visit her blog, with examples of her work, at


Articles & Opinions—Kay Fairwell

has over 35 years of experience editing and writing science education

materials for the Lawrence Hall of Science at U.C. Berkeley. Programs for which Kay edited curriculum materials include Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS), EQUALS, and Family Math. Now retired, Kay pursues her interest in writing and literature.




Join Us!


The Green News invites all of you who are interested in environmental writing, art, photography, poetry, video and cartoons to join us in achieving our goal of impacting the Bay Area and beyond with the voice of teens about the environment.  If not now when?  The Green News is interested in all high school and middle school students who want to make a difference by working with The Green News whether occasional, monthly, being a member of the Student Editorial Board or participating in the Environmental Clubs Forum. 



The Visuals & Voices Contest is a project of the Green News and The Green News is a project of the EarthTeam Network for Teachers and Teens.  All Green News submissions are included in the Visuals & Voices Contest and vice versa. The prizes were chosen from 360 submissions over the school year.  All winners will be featured on the Green Screen TV Show as well as in press releases  All submissions will be featured on the Green News website,, and many will be featured in one of the Green News Monthlies sent to over 4,000 subscribers.






Please contact Mel Shin, Green News Co-coordinator, at or 510-704-4030 with your interests, ideas, questions and more.  He’s creating a new team and wants your involvement.  Mel is a UC undergrad and was editor of his high school’s newspaper for two years.  He is eager to work with you.