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November 2014 QUOTE OF THE MONTH: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” - Native American Proverb
February 10
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Lynn Mymala, San Lorenzo HS, San Lorenzo
The Last Drop of Clean Water
Adriana Lopez, Tomales HS, Tomales

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The Last Drop of Clean Water
By Adriana Lopez
Grade 11
Tomales HS
Tomales, CA

Our planet earth is the only known planet in our solar system with running water and is occupied by the human race. But to this day the human race is destroying our planet earth that gave birth to our race. Many humans have the natural instinct to throw something out the window or dump it into large bodies of water. But where does all that waste and garbage go?

Pollution has been around us for many years and is a natural process, but humans have made pollution an unhealthy cycle for our planet. Today humans are the major pollutants on planet earth. We litter all along the roads, the beaches, and in major water bodies like rivers, lakes, and in the ocean. We are slowly but surely harming our planet to the point where organisms are dying at a very alarming rate and that is causing the food chain to decrease in size and it is harming us by decreasing the supply of food for the growing population of humans on earth. When it rains all that waste that washes up from the mountains goes into the ocean where many organisms depend on that fresh uncontaminated water.

Not only are humans causing pollution on earth, but the pollution we are causing doesn’t discriminate against anyone. It goes for all animals and for all humans of all shapes and sizes. Thousands of aquatic animals like fish, whales, and many more species are being harmed by the non-degradable waste in the water. But not only are aquatic species being harmed, many species of birds and other living organisms are being hit hard by all the pollutants in the air or water bodies.

Pollution is not only causing great harm to the ecosystem’s surrounding habitats, but it is a vicious cycle that doesn’t just have one way of polluting, it comes in different shapes, colors, and stages. Littering and dumping into the ocean aren’t the only two forms of pollution; they are just the major polluting forms. Factories and ships were built for the work force, but they only cause more pollution to the earth’s atmosphere and water bodies. Factories not only let out hazardous waste, but they cause air pollution as well, which can trigger global warming leading to the overheating or the freezing of planet earth.

Humans have helped make industry grow from the early caveman years to the most fashion forward technological world known in our universe. But to this day all that humans have really caused is pollution; we pollute everywhere we go, from the streets to the ocean that feed us day to day. As human beings that are capable of anything why aren’t we capable of helping our planet that gives us home and shelter? Pollution is driving our planet to natural destruction with global warming gaining more and more power over the temperature on our planet we have all these headlines telling us about earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornadoes hitting hard at home base. But in the next century we can change this course by recycling more and opening are hearts and being more appreciative of the land we live on to help it keep natural of all pollutants that are driving it down to the ground.