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November 2014 QUOTE OF THE MONTH: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” - Native American Proverb
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Hair Mats?
By Elonna Mack
Grade 8
Creative Arts Charter School

Elonna Mack
Creative Arts Charter School, SF 

Hair Mats?

Can you believe that we’re relying on mushrooms and hair mats?  Lisa Gautier sure is.  She donated 1,000 hair mats to the cause.  She runs a non-profit business called the Matter of Trust which donates supplies to needy organizations or helpful activists.

Thanks to everyone who helps out our SF Bay by donating hair – or using hair mats.

It’s hard to believe than an oil spill is cleaned up with thick mats of hair!

Who could have know that the very things girls and boys love to dress up and or style is helping our oily beaches.  One work, Awesome!

Over 1,000 people are contributing in this method.  We thought using other chemicals that are just as bad as the oil itself would be productive.  So, how about an all organic bio-degradeable hair mat that you just put into the compost when you are done?

The remedy is to just sprinkle some mushrooms on the mat and you have a clean-up method that not only cleans up oil, it breaks it down and makes soil once it’s in the compost.  One more good thing for the Earth.

Salons around the world are helping out with this method of “hair matestry (a word I just made up), but you know what I mean…

Now all that BEAUTIFUL hair that people cut off goes to a good cause- cleaning up oily beaches.

Here is online resource you could use to donate hair “to the cause”.