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April 2014 QUOTE OF THE MONTH: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” - Native American Proverb
December 08
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Dark Spring Day (poem)
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Tala Beigi, Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill

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Dark Spring Day (poem)
By Aiman Arif
Grade 10
California Virtual Academy
Fremont, CA

Like little pearls dancing in the sunshine
Dew drops glisten in the sun
Upon a fresh green spring leaf
On a gently swaying fern;
The dappled early morning twilight
Falls in silvery spotted patches
on the forest’s flowering floor
And then my eye on the sunlight catches
A speckled fawn lying in sight
Its damp, soft fur—its beady eyes
are opened wide in pleasant surprise
Except for a twitch in its nose, all is still
I gaze, amazed, to my heart’s fill
The white tufted tail flicks a quiver
The suddent movement sends down a shiver
Flapping of wings, and I turn to hear
Birds singing overhead at this time of year
Cooing and chirping their mating songs
Mokeys screeching and swinging on the vines
Throwing red berries and eating them
Leaves rustle and then down I peer
A red ant army marches in a line
These ferocious predators I fear;
A green snake coiled around a tree,
A chameleon catches a fly instantly:
The forest in spring is teeming with life
In full bloom and at its peak—
The animals in their struggles and strifes
This safe, lively habitat they seek.

But the forest might not stay this way—
Wait, wait, and listen in the distance
Oh what is it, what is it I hear?
Something giving me a cold fear?
Something to break the peace this year?
A thundering sound, and something smoking
A metal monster clanks and clashes in the midst
Animals are scampering, trees have broken
Sounds of joy are replaced by terror!
I gasp for breath and turn around
A last glance at the place I loved
Cannot come back to it anymore!
All around me a deafening roar,
drowns out the squeaks and chirps of terror
I race back home, but for the animals?
That was their home…where they used to roam
has been captured by selfish people
Whose desires were only their own!
No place to go to, no place to call home.

Oh the forest that once teemed with life!
Oh the forest taken by surprise!
The forest whose peace had never subsided!
The forest whose vitality I prided!
Taken away by a formidable stranger
Now all is left is extreme danger
Not just for it, but all of earth
Stands in the same dire state!
Declining at an unbelievable rate
Make changes now or never—!
Before it slips away forever.